Small, Untitled Poem

Buttered like toast
with words of love.
Soft and dripping,
you are filled,
I’m consumed again.

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Posted on April 1, 2012, in Writing Journal and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Attribution? is that yours?

  2. Silly me! Yes, It’s mine; a small, untitled poem.

  3. Love is food consumed by the soul…consumation,like the heart beats for one kiss at a moment in time….
    I love your work…

  4. The only tribute I can think of to pay is two of my favourite lines from Lalleshwari (1320–1392), also known as Lalla. You can look her up on Wikipedia, of course. She was a mystic of the Kashmiri Shaivite sect, and at the same time, a Sufi saint. I recently read “Naked Song, by Laldyada, Lalla, Coleman Barks (Translator), 1992, Maypop Books, ISBN 0-9618916-4-5.” My two favorite lines from Naked Song are

    “The mind is what sleeps. What recognizes itself as God is awake.”

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