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Riding My Little Red Writer Wagon

You all will have noticed that my blog has had something of a make-over. I did the big changeroonie a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to make a fuss of it, tell you all about it and say hey lookie here, do ya like it?

But I spent a day making the banner, putting it all together, setting up the new widgets (which were the main reason for the change) and finally, on an in-drawn breath, clicking the button to go live with the new look, – and then I promptly forgot about it.

I told you all in the last post how I’m pretty much a no-frills gal. Well, I’m kinda single-minded as well. And the track this one-track mind is on at the moment is the express train toBookville.

My new novel is becoming all-consuming – when it comes to my work anyway. I’m really only good at having one project on the go, concentrating on one major, creative thing at a time. I wrote a poem last week, I changed the look of the blog the week before, but really, the only thing I’ve been doing otherwise is working on the new novel.

Which is coming along really well. See that cool little widget to the left? The one that shows the word count? I’m enjoying adjusting that and seeing how far and how fast I can get through the book each week. Although it’s there mostly for my own amusement (I know, I’m very easily amused), I thought you might enjoy checking in every now and then and seeing how things are progressing.

joshua melvinSome things aren’t progressing quite so well, however. Fat Pat and the Accidental Death of Maryanne is still languishing, waiting for me to dust it off, spruce it up, tie a ribbon in its hair and send it off into the wide old world with a nice shiny apple to eat.

Same story with another project I’m trying to fit into the schedule. You might be interested in this one too – Mike H, who wrote the hilarious Michaela and Trisha outtakes you can find in various places around this blog and I are collaborating to bring you a juicy little selection of stories showcasing the life and times of Michaela and Trisha – and Caro, can’t forget her, we know how much you all love Caro too.

It’s practically ready to rock and roll and hit the press. I just need to finish a short story I’m writing for it. A short story you might want to read actually, if you are a Michaela and Trisha fan, because it will slot very nicely between Sweet Charlotte and the next book I’m planning in their series. There won’t be any mystery in the short story for the two girl sleuths, however. It’s going to be a little more romantic than that.

I guess I’m going to have to start telling my little caboose wagon to start stopping at a few towns along the way. It’s going to be three or so weeks until I have this novel obsession over and done with, and I don’t want to wait that long to get these other two stories out to you. Will just have to see what I can do.

Learning to Spell Intimacy

I don’t consider myself a poet, though I’ve written quite a stack of the stuff over the years.

Sometimes it just seems the best way to express the feelings that touch you the deepest. Anyway, felt like sharing:

Learning to Spell Intimacy

When we meet

we tease each other

with words dripping

and sliding,

tumbling to one another.

Plucking at those words

with nerve-raw fingers

we weave stories

which, naked,

we read to each other,

the punctuation an indrawn

breath, a pregnant,

poignant pause.

While tracing for each other

the outlines of our verbal


we find ourselves multi-syllabic

and breathless between

the lines.

Drifting in the velvet glow

of our wordy, willing


we are trying on

each other’s stories,

creating layers of meaning

and learning to spell



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