Learning to Spell Intimacy

I don’t consider myself a poet, though I’ve written quite a stack of the stuff over the years.

Sometimes it just seems the best way to express the feelings that touch you the deepest. Anyway, felt like sharing:

Learning to Spell Intimacy

When we meet

we tease each other

with words dripping

and sliding,

tumbling to one another.

Plucking at those words

with nerve-raw fingers

we weave stories

which, naked,

we read to each other,

the punctuation an indrawn

breath, a pregnant,

poignant pause.

While tracing for each other

the outlines of our verbal


we find ourselves multi-syllabic

and breathless between

the lines.

Drifting in the velvet glow

of our wordy, willing


we are trying on

each other’s stories,

creating layers of meaning

and learning to spell


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About Kate Genet

I'm a writer, storyteller and an exerciser of a very stretchy mind. I believe in curiosity, wonder and teaching my mind to do back flips.

Posted on March 4, 2012, in Writing Journal and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. Sweet, delicate, and enticing, Ms Genet! Ain’t words grand?

  2. kate,
    i love this
    i stole this
    i wish i wrote this
    but i didn’t
    i’m glad you did and
    i’m glad i got to read it and
    i hope you don’t mind any of this

  3. WOW. can say little else. just WOW.

  4. Very nicely done, Kate. I wish for you to find the happiness of your wildest dreams of the future.

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